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Games for kids
Play some single player games, many of which involve dropping or throwing water balloons.
Games for kids
Come play in this colorful Flash playground. Offers games, puzzles, online coloring, and more designed for preschoolers and kindergartners.
Games for kids
Find a new game on the calendar each day or play games from previous days.
Games for kids
Classic and original arcade games to try.
Games for kids
Learn how species evolve by playing this game. You start in the Eocene period 55 million years ago and the choices you make about food and habitat will affect the lives of your descendants. See how long you can live!
play great games and try quick quizzes from top BBC-TV shows. There are also hints, cheats, and reviews of computer and video games.
play games, get craft ideas, and learn more about your favorite characters from VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguins, Larryboy, and the Jonah movie.
Check out some fun puzzles, block sliders, and other challenging brain games.
Free online scrabble. Play with people across the world!
This fun Shockwave program lets you create blocks and move them around using a simple programming language. Check it out!
Includes games, pictures to color, music, and many more activities.
Fun Flash site for primary grade kids. Discover new things each month including a story, games, songs, and a link to UpToTen for more fun! Also in French and Spanish.
Check out fun online games, practice telling time, or watch animated tutorials for writing letters and numbers. Requires Shockwave.
Weekly quizzes for elementary and middle school students.
Try games like Minesweeper, Armada, and more.
Bubble Trouble
Play this flash game, and hit all the bubbles before they hit you!
just what the title says. Build a Monster
Just what the title says.
Play games, find out what your favorite soup says about your personality, and download wallpapers, buddy icons, and more.
Offers coloring pages, cartoons to print and color, and online games. Learn to draw cartoons and get other craft projects.
Collect rings, avoid the orcs, and answer riddles to progress to the next level
This superstar is throwing his CDs out into his virtual audience. Play this cool Java game and see if you can catch one, from!
Find your nearest restaurant, play games such as air hockey and skeeball, send online invites for your next party to your friends, and more.
Build a 3D city complete with roads, buildings, people, and more.
Play the Coco Pops game and find the missing World Cup in Coco Town.
Learn how to draw your fave Klasky Csupo characters, test your IQ in a trivia game, create pictures, and more.
Download screenmates, play games, and read jokes. Try out online quizzes, magic tricks, and recipes.
get four of your pieces in a row and beat the computer.


Games for kids

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