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  • Act!vated Storytellers - find interactive stories brought to you by the Act!vated Storytellers. Read Jack and the Beanstalkand listen to what the "beans" had to say to Jack!
  • CocoTown - play the Coco Pops game and find the missing World Cup in Coco Town.
  • Daisy and the Intergalactic Travelling Salesmen - a kitchenmaid encounters alien salesmen from the planet Pinkerello...check out this interactive story written by children from all over the world inspired by the Cheltenham Festival of Literature.
  • Environmental Explorers' Club: Garbage & Recycling - explore ways to reduce the amount of garbage that you and your family throw away. You can also play fun games, read an interactive story, and learn about what the government is doing to help clean up the environment.
  • Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation - get help from the FFFBI to stop the bad guys (C.R.U.S.T.) from taking over Mars on this interactive detective story.
  • Heraldry Game - read an interactive story, and learn about heraldry, blazonry, and shields.
  • In Search of the Ways of Knowing Trail - venture into the Ituri Forest deep in the heart of Africa. Visit the village of Epulu. Discover the secrets and animals of the Ways of Knowing Trail. Play this interactive game from Brookfield Zoo.
  • Liberty's Kids - check out this revolutionary cartoon about the real stories of the American Revolution. You will be right in the middle of the action with two apprentice reporters working for Benjamin Franklin.
  • - enjoy Merpy's animated musical adventures which are also available in Spanish. Or check out special holiday episodes and activities.
  • Muggsy's Meadow - have a little fun with cartoons, interactive stories, printable activity books, and games like Toy Assembly Line and Spelling Factory. From National Geographic Kids.
  • Mummy's Curse Game - you have been left behind in the museum with a horrible mummy. The main doors are locked and can only be opened by using clues about Romans, dinosaurs, Egypt, and Captain Cook.
  • Neverending Tale - lets you create your own storyline. Some of the tales have over 2,000 pages!
  • Really Wild Animals - help National Geographic investigate weird sightings of animals in amazing places around the world. Use their cool map orientation tool to help.
  • Tales from the Billabong - games and stories with an Aussie twist. Try placing Australian animals in their natural habitats, color, or make your way through an interactive story.
  • Wacky Web Tales - Plug your own words into the blanks and then read the wacky story.
  • Wastes: Kids Page - read a story about reuse on earth or be a detective for the planet protectors club and color in pictures as you go. Learn about reducing waste and conserving resources from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Also in Spanish.
  • What Did Toby See? - read or listen to this e-book by cartoonist Ron Zalme all about a dog with a great imagination.




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