Math problems for kids

Math problems for kids

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Math games for kids

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  • A+ Math Games - play interactive games such as Math Bingo, Hidden Picture, and Concentration while practicing basic math skills.
  • AAA Math - choose your grade level and check out the basic skills, activities, and challenge games for K-8. Math concepts are also explained in detail.
  • Aunty Math - join Aunty Math and have fun working out her math challenges in lots of different ways!
  • Batter's Up Baseball - baseball with a twist! Answer math questions in order to get a hit and get points. Requires Flash.
  • BBC Maths File: Games Wheel - click on Hypatia or Pythagoras to turn the wheel and choose a game to play. Learn more about shapes, space, measurement, data handling, numbers, and algebra.
  • Brain Teasers - puzzles for third to seventh-graders and older.
  • BrainBashers - collection of interesting brain teasers, riddles, logic, language, and math puzzles.
  • Change Maker - game from where you figure out how many of each bill or coin you expect to get back when you pay for something.
  • - explore this amusement park of mathematics! Have fun with interactive activities and games like Lemonade Stand and Arithmattack. There's even stuff for parents and teachers too.
  • Count Us In Games - play fun games designed to help you understand basic math and number concepts. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Figure This! - have you been alive for one million minutes? Investigate math challenges like this which include hints, answers, and ways to test them out. Designed for kids and their families.
  • Numbers - play a selection of cool games that test your math skills in addition, subtraction, fractions, algebra, measurement, money, and lots more.
  • Funbrain: Penguin Waiter - practice percentages by playing this game where you calculate the percent tip you should leave for various dinner bills.
  • Gallery of Interactive Geometry - try your hand at these games.
  • Hunkin's Experiments - cool cartoons that will have you experimenting with food, sound, light, math, clothes, and lots more!
  • Interactive Mathematics Activities - try these challenging games and puzzles that teach you about different types of math such as arithmetic, algebra, and even calculus!
  • Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - problem-solving activities, including a great puzzles and games page.
  • iPracticemath - Learn Math through stories for kids of Grade 1 to Grade 12. iPractice Math Explains how to add, subtract, and multiply fractions. iPracticemath Includes fun activities and math worksheets for counting, measuring, arithmetic, and comparing.
  • Learning Planet - interactive learning games for kids at the preschool to sixth grade level. Requires Shockwave.
  • - SpaceyMath - help save the Parabola space station by using your mathematical knowledge to correctly answer problems so you can activate special lasers to reenergize Parabola.
  • Little Animals Activity Centre - full of word, music, and number games. You can play, read along with Storybear, or make something with Micky Maker.
  • Logic Patterns: Buttons - see if you can guess which color and shape of button the computer is thinking of by asking questions and narrowing down the possibilities using logic and deductive reasoning.
  • Madder of Facts - test your knowledge of U.S. and world capitals as well as math facts with these minute quizzes.
  • Math Baseball - a fun baseball game to practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills.
  • Math Cats - a magic chalkboard takes you to interactive math explorations, games, contests, crafts, questions, and a math art gallery.
  • Math Games for Kids - try your hand at a variety of fun math games and puzzles.
  • Math Playground - features all sorts of fun games, videos, worksheets, and more.
  • Math Programming and Beyond - this ThinkQuest Jr. site is about pre-algebra, algebra, and visual basic. Find tutorials, quizzes, and a cool game challenge in outer space! In English or French.
  • MathDork - interactive, animated tutorials, quizzes, and games all about algebra!
  • Mathematical Brain Teasers and Puzzles - try out teasers for different skill levels and get explanations for their answers.
  • MathMagic - solve current and past math challenges. Problems are divided by grade level.
  • Maths File Gameshow, The - spin the wheel and let Pythagoras and Hypatia show you some fun Shockwave games on numbers, algebra, measurement, probability, and more. Try the print outs too. From BBC Online.
  • MathsNet Puzzles - a variety of different kinds of math puzzles, including logic puzzles, sequences, mazes, and more.
  • - sharpen your math skills with these word problems for grades 1-5.
  • NRICH Primary Site - find puzzling problems to solve and enrich your math skills on this site from the University of Cambridge.
  • PBS: Cyberchase Games Central - who knew math could be this fun? Features interactive games that'll exercise your mind and make you forget you're actually learning.
  • Power Football - see if you can score a touchdown by correctly answering various math prolems. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and algebra. From
  • Primary Games - practice your math skills by playing fun games like darts, ghost blasters, and fraction flags. Prepare to play by trying out the worksheets first.
  • Primary - play games designed by a teacher to learn about the ABC's, numbers, holidays, and more! Read ebooks, send postcards, or print coloring pages, stationery, and certificates too!
  • - play games, like Lemonade Larry and Space Jumble, or try a quiz game for a different sort of fun. Check out the clip-art, jokes, e-cards, and downloads too! Requires Flash.
  • Puzzlemaker - have fun creating and printing crossword, word search, cryptogram, math, and other puzzles using your own words! Try a maze too, or build your own. From Discovery Schools.
  • Science Vocabulary Hangman - have you been studying your science and math vocab lately? Test yourself with this interesting twist on the traditional Hangman game.  



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