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memory game, and face maker.
Includes a slide puzzle
Play Digimon pinball to see if you can shoot the ball into the Digi-Gate to play a secret level or just get a high score.
Play some of the games listed on this site to help test and improve your memory.
Meet Doug the slug who likes to crawl around on slime and eat strawberries.
Play games and get cool downloads, e-cards, and funny jokes.
Check out games, crafts, and puzzles with Shrek, Sinbad, and even the gang from Chicken Run and other animated films from DreamWorks.
Meet the kids from this U.K. space station and other spacey characters, get facts about planets, and play cybercool games! Find heavenly recipes and Internet tips too.
Get info and reviews of Felix books, send him a letter, or read some that he's written. You can also check out the gameroom for fun with French, a capitals quiz, and more!
Get ready to play a number of fun, online games with Freddo the chocolate frog. Includes matching games, coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles, and much more.
Animate the screen with bubbles and bursts, or just watch these short movies. There are also tricky games to try!
Don't be the last one to take a piece of fruit off of the table!
Check out Math Baseball, Spell Check, Wacky Tales, and more
cool games to play against the computer or alone, including Fenced In, an IQ Puzzle, and more.
Cool games to play against the computer or alone, including Fenced In, an IQ Puzzle, and more.
Offers educational interactive games and activities for preschool through 6th grade aged kids, from Kaboose.
Play all kinds of java games and educational puzzles. Includes a special kids section.


Check out this variety of fun and unusual online games to play!
Play games like flipper, rockette, dancer, typoz, and more. Requires Flash


Send ecards, get downloads, and try demos and activities from some of your favorite games.
Solve mysteries, take a band on tour, or blast off to Mars.
Hey Kids!
Check out online games and coloring pages to download from Innerworks.
Catch the whole gang and their shenanigans, play games, watch toons, and more!
Establish a business and see if you can make any money in six weeks. From Disney.
HotWheels Games
Play interactive games from Hotwheels.
Humphrey's Counting House
Watch Humphrey dance, play his xylophone, or play a matching game.


This site has a wonderful collection of edutainment games, activities (for toddlers) and tools for children of all abilities. The unique point to note about their games is that a majority of them are customizable. Users can upload their own images and create their own content for the game. Do check it out.
Collection of games written in the Java programming language.
Choose an arcade and play online.
Have fun playing games in Adventure World and Jumpstartville, or go to Toddler Town where you can color pictures.


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